A 6 Week Group Program, focusing on communication as a powerful tool for self discovery and creating community

We created this program because it’s important that we can talk with each other in meaningful ways about the things that matter most to us:  political and social issues, our romantic relationships, our friendships, the work we love, art making, being a parent, our health and well being, and our place in our community.

We are always in conversations with others, always. 

We are also always in a conversation with OURSELF.

These conversations shape our life. 

The fractures and disconnects in our relationships are becoming more extreme and we need to find communication pathways that work. Pathways that honor ourself, other people and the global community.

If we want to show up and have deeper, more meaningful conversations, we have to do the inner work to make sure we’re standing on solid ground, rooted in integrity and respect. 

We created this program because we know, from our lived experiences, how important it is to look at our own role inside of the conversations we’re having. 

This is an interactive program with group discussions as an integral part of the work.

Talking about the important things in life has an element of vulnerability, which often makes them hard. And hard conversations are… well, hard

They require presence and commitment, a willingness to take responsibility, profound curiosity, and an ability to listen without defensiveness. 

Whether it’s discussing conflicts with your partner, inviting people to work with you, speaking out about social issues, sharing your art, or teaching your children how to handle the stresses of life… wading into hard conversations takes skill and courage. 

This program will help you develop and deepen your skills and build the muscle of courage. 

“Thank you. Working with you both helped me immensely. I gained a level of freedom that I didn’t have before embarking on the course. You are both soulful, kind, intelligent, intuitive leaders and this work is so very important. It’s the workshop that people might not even understand how much they need until they are there.”

– Previous Program Participant

Conversation is foundational to every human interaction.  

This isn’t just about activism or parenting or art or any other single thing. It’s about being a good human.  

We’ve been exploring what it is to have these kinds of conversations and we’d like to invite you to join the discussion.

  • find yourself searching for ways to create and deepen the relationships you have with you friends, family, and community
  • want to make a difference 
  • are looking to impact social change in profound ways that don’t require having a huge following, ways that aren’t necessarily big or loud
  • are seeking to engage in difficult conversations in more constructive ways
  • want to move beyond the binaries of “right and wrong” into more impactful discussions about the things that matter to you
  • are an introvert and/or Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) who is looking for sustainable ways to contribute
  • are an activist on the front line, pouring your heart into your cause
  • work for yourself and want to make sure your work addresses issues and challenges we are facing today
  • are an artist who wants to amplify your voice and impact 
  • are a parent who wants to teach and support the young people in your life to be more responsible humans

Here’s what you can expect in these 6 weeks of looking together:

  • We’ll model what truly constructive conversations look like.
  • Discover your own wisdom to find your way of standing in your truth without shutting someone else down.
  • We’ll show you why curiosity is your best friend and strongest tool in any challenging conversation.
  • There will be meaty conversations about how we can show up in the world using this lens.  
  • We aren’t going to give you a one size fits all situations solution (because one size fits all is a fallacy in this as well as in clothing).
  • We’ll examine how we talk to ourselves v. how we talk to others.
  • Honesty about where we are in our conversational skills, both as individuals and as a society, and how we improve.
  • Learn why we have such a difficult time with honest communication and how we can change that dynamic in our personal, professional, and cultural life.
  • We will take our time and not rush through anything.
  • You’ll have increased clarity about your commitment and what you want to do with your voice.
  • We’ll be having conversations that expand us rather than contract us. 
  • Learn to have conversations that do less harm, that honor and respect people, while also honoring and respecting ourselves. 

If this feels like it’s a good fit for you in your journey, please join us.

“The program made a big difference when I had a huge, unexpected reunion with my extended family. The tools allowed me to empathize rather than judge, which made it safe for one person in particular to share something difficult with me.”

– Previous Program Participant

Option 1

$ 150
  • This tier is for you if money is a bit tight but you know how important this work is and you are committed to it.

Option 2

$ 200
  • What we would normally charge for this. This option is for you if money is not an obstacle.

Option 3

$ 250
  • This supports the lowest price option for those with limited resources. If you can do this, we thank you.

“A big takeaway was the insight I gained into my own self. The prompts made me look at things that I may not have considered in the same way before the class.

For example, looking at people with whom I have “muddy” relationships versus those relationships which are easy, and spotting what makes them different, was really helpful. And being aware of the difference between integrity/authenticity and self-righteousness that can hurt relationships.”

– Previous Program Participant

Please join us for a curiosity call/introduction to the program. We will be modeling and clarifying exactly what we’ll be doing in the program, and give you a chance to ask questions and get to know us.

These calls are a great way to begin the conversation and make sure that the program is the support you’re wanting. Register below:


“I really enjoyed the co-leading as you are both amazing at bouncing off one another and the different perspectives is really great to take in. “

– Previous Program Participant

Between the two of us we span the spectrum. We are both artists and business people, one of us is an introvert, one an ambivert. We are activists, a parent, solopreneurs, and life long seekers of ways to engage in conversations that move us forward rather than keeping us stuck in our own silos.

Runa Bird (she/her)

Runa Bird is queer, an artist, single mom, graphic designer and small business consultant living in the PNW. She values integrity, creativity, story telling, slowing down, and the magic that happens when we tend to our relationships with kindness and care. You can explore and learn more on her website: bebrightstudio.com.

Omkari Williams (she/her)

Omkari Williams is a writer, speaker, coach for activists, and host of the Stepping Into Truth podcast. She believes in the power that lies in our small, sustained, and collective actions towards justice. Expansive conversations are a critical part of exercising that power. Learn more about her and her work at: omkariwilliams.com.